We’re Not Done Yet!

Firstly, thank you to everyone – patrons, volunteers and visitors alike – who helped to make the 2016 season a great success!  Without you The Back Kitchen couldn’t have been what it was; he food wouldn’t have been as good, and the times had wouldn’t have been as fun.

But, we’re not done yet.  The Back Kitchen’s season is necessarily ended when freezing temperatures arrive because the building itself isn’t winterized, but until that day arrives we plan to squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of the place.  We’re still available to host events, be used as an inspected commercial kitchen for the preparation of consumer products, and we’ll be opening up for a few more special days in the coming months.

Keep checking back at this space for more details; as it stand our current schedule includes:

  • October 31st, 2016 – open to sell coffee, drinks, and serve as a public washroom for Trick or Treaters.  Hours to be announced.
  • November 19th & 20th – open to sell warm desserts on the 19th, and lunch on the 20th during the Christmas Shopping on Amherst Island days. 10am – 4pm.
  • More to come…