BK Tree Fundraiser Update!

Tree fundraiser:

NOTE: This fundraiser has been updated: see information here.

Order online, see photos and more information here! 

Measurement shown is minimum height when purchased.

Apple- Honeycrisp 200 cm bare root tree – $50.00
Birch – Crimson Frost 175 cm bare root tree – $55.00
Black Walnut 200 cm whip – $50.00
Linden 250 cm bare root tree – $60.00
Maple – Princeton Gold 250 cm bare root tree – $70.00
Maple – Red 250 cm bare root tree – $70.00
Maple – Silver maple 250 cm bare root tree – $60.00
Mountain Ash 250 cm bare root tree – $60.00
Red Oak 250 cm bare root tree – $70.00
Poplar 150 cm whip – $35.00
Serviceberry 250 cm bare root tree – $70.00
Norway Spruce 80 cm container grown tree – $35.00

Special: Buy a 5 pack and save 10%. All of the above are available in 5 packs, plus some more:

Sold only in packs of 5:

Hackberry – 250 cm bare root tree – $292.50
Plum, Newport (ornamental) – 250 cm – $292.50
Maple, Sugar – 250 cm – $337.50
Weeping Willow – 250 cm – $247.50
Red Delicious Apple – 200 cm – $225.00

Delivery: The trees will be delivered to the Back Kitchen. Pick up day is expected to be the morning of April 27, 2019.

Payment: cheque to Amherst Island Community Café will be accepted wth orders.

Christmas gift? We can give you a gift certificate upon payment.

Quality: The trees are grown in Southern Ontario at a commercial nursery known for its excellent product. The trees are shaped and root pruned while young.

Size:  Between 175 cm (5ft 9) and 250 cm (8 ft 2).
Previous orders received from this nursery have been larger than the minimum. Bare root trees are light and easy to transport. Whips are unbranched young tree seedlings, 2–3 years old.

Planting: You can plant them yourselves but we will also be looking for some young people who might like to plant trees. You would pay them directly.

For more information about our tree fundraiser or to order trees online please visit back-kitchen-trees.myshopify.com. Orders can also be made by emailing [email protected] or by mailing a cheque payable to Amherst Island Community Cafe to:

5660B Front Road
Stella, ON K0H 2S0

NOTE: This fundraiser has been updated. See information here.

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