Café Staff Job Description

The Job

Café Staff, often working alongside volunteers, rotate through all aspects of Café operation including working in the kitchen and the front of house. Café staff ensure that patrons have an enjoyable café experience by providing quality customer service and food in a pleasant environment 


Reporting to the Café Manager or in the absence of the Café Manager, the Assistant Manager Team Lead, Café staff must know or learn all aspects of Café operation including food preparation and presentation, dishwashing, serving, presentation of bills and acceptance of payment, and cleaning.  Duties may vary depending on how busy the Café is but generally staff will be assigned to either the kitchen or the front of house for each shift. 

Epitomizes and models customer service.  Leads by example.

  • Prepares and presents food according to Café menu standards
  • Cleans the kitchen and washes dishes
  • Disposes of garbage and recycling materials
  • Prepares food and cooks menu items to order
  • Complies with food handling standards and all permits and policies including public health, safety and emergency requirements
  • Prepares food for special events and catering 
  • Greets customers, takes orders, serves food, prepares bill and accepts payment, opens and closes register as required and balances at close of business
  • Does whatever else needs to be done to ensure a quality customer experience
  • Meets weekly with the Café Manager to evaluate progress and adjusts menu as appropriate

Qualifications and Skills

  • Exceptional commitment to customer service
  • Competent cook with café experience or equivalent training and references
  • Completion of training in food handling, customer service, and cash management
  • Enrolment in hospitality program and/or experience managing a Café
  • Experience waiting on customers 
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances

To Apply

Please let us know the job you’re interested in, send us your resume, your qualifications, and what skills you believe you can bring to The Back Kitchen.

Please also include a cover letter (max one page) that answers the following question: What makes you a great candidate to work at The Back Kitchen.

Please send your resume and letter to [email protected].  

The Café is on Amherst Island within easy walking distance to the ferry from Millhaven.  Please think about where you would stay before you apply.

Deadline for submission is April 20th, 2019, so get that resumé and letter in!

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