The Back Kitchen is an corporation operated as a Not-for-Profit without share capital. The Back Kitchen is officially known as the Amherst Island Community Café (AICC). It is governed by a board of directors, each of whom holds a 2 year term. The current board is:

Blair Anderson (Treasurer), Kirk Corkery (Vice-Chair), Brian Little, Leah Murray (Chair), Saskia Wagemans (Operations Lead), Lorna Willis (Secretary), and Lynn Wyminga (Business Development Lead).

For details on how we are governed, please read the Bylaws of the AICC.

The board has established committees. For more information, please read the Committee Terms of Reference.

AGM meeting presentations can be found below:

AGM March 8, 2020
AGM January 26, 2019
AGM January 21, 2018
AGM January 22, 2017