The Back Kitchen has installed a new accessible ramp and we are in the process of having a walkway installed. To finish things off, our amazing volunteer gardener would love to have some shrubs to plant out front. Can you help us out with a small donation?

One of our board members and longtime volunteers has created some colouring pages for Dry Stone Canada as part of our little shrub fundraiser. Please check them out!

The Back Kitchen accessible ramp May 2020
The Back Kitchen new accessible ramp and walkway, May 2020

We understand that you receive many requests to support community projects. We thought we would share some information about The Back Kitchen to assist you in determining if our request meets your criteria for giving.

  1. The Back Kitchen is incorporated as a non-profit organization registered as the Amherst Island Community Café.
  2. The organization’s mission statement reads that The Back Kitchen is a volunteer operated restaurant that aims at serving good quality food, support local growers, hire and train local students and promote and host local events. The Amherst Island Community Cafe exists to foster the community.
  3. The Back Kitchen has three core values: Community, Local Products and Environment. Rooted in these three values are the seven core operational values which guide all aspects of the enterprise: Compassion; Respect; Excellence; Integrity; Relevance; Co-operation; and, Celebration.
  4. The Back Kitchen is led by an elected Board of Directors. In addition, over 90 volunteers work tirelessly to maintain the facility and serve our guests.
  5. The Back Kitchen hosts an Annual General Meeting in January. Copies of past presentations and financial statements are available. Email
  6. The Back Kitchen’s Articles of Incorporation stipulate that, if the association ceases to exist, the assets will be liquidated with the proceeds being donated to a community project.

If you have any questions, we would be happy to provide answers. Please contact is at