Saskia, ready for her shift!

Volunteers and the Back Kitchen

The Back Kitchen relies on its volunteers.  It's fairly safe to say that without volunteers there would be no Back Kitchen.  Whether it's chopping vegetables, busing tables, weeding flower beds, or doing dishes our volunteers are an integral part of the function and survival of the restaurant.

In the 2016 season our volunteers showed themselves to be dedicated above and beyond to the success of this not-for-profit organization.  They came out in the heat of the summer to spend long hours working in a hot kitchen to serve great food to local and visiting customers alike.

And our customers noticed.  Our volunteers were regularly applauded for their hard work and their strong commitment to the community and The Back Kitchen.  Hardly a day went by without one or another customer - whether from here or away - mentioning how heartening it was to see volunteers taking the initiative and getting involved with The Back Kitchen.

Volunteering in 2017 was different than it was in 2016, but we believe that our volunteers, our staff, our customers, and the restaurant itself, worked all the better under the new system. The same system will be in place for 2018.

Volunteers are scheduled for their shifts based on their availability and the staffing needs of the restaurant.

Jobs for volunteers will vary from shift to shift, but may include washing dishes, chopping vegetables, prepping ingredients, cooking, serving, cleaning up, tending the cash, or various other duties.  The Back Kitchen's Volunteer team will work with volunteers to learn their availability and their comfort level with working within the restaurant.

Volunteers will be given the training and oversight required for the positions they've been asked to take on.  Those chopping vegetables or prepping ingredients will be trained in food handling and other best practices that apply in the kitchen.  Those working at washing dishes will be given direction and training with respect to proper sanitation of dishes and keeping the restaurant clean.

The Back Kitchen is a team effort and volunteers make up a vital part of it.  If you're interested in volunteering at The Back Kitchen please contact the Back Kitchen manager for more information.  You can email backkitchenai@gmail.com with your questions or use the contact form on the website.